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  • Life Transforming, impactful & Intensive

    Our Intensive Life Coach Training is aimed at enabling you become a coach who can transform lives & help millions of people build a life they want.

    Ashish Sehgal has been one of the most successful life coaches with more than 35+ years of experience of transforming individuals & organisations.

  • Internationally Certified

    NLP helps you to develop a set of mind skills that enable you to think better, be a confident and motivated communicator; and live a better life.

    Be internationally certified with NLP Authority and build a life you truly want.

    Ashish Sehgal is the ONLY NLP Trainer in Asia who is licenced to train on NLP by four major world organisations – Society of NLP (SNLP), American Board of NLP (ABNLP), International Business NLP Association (IBNLP)  & Institute of Integrated NLP (IINLP). 

    Come & Transform your life with NLP.

  • Realistic, Engaging & Interactive

    Leadership Training

    Our people skill focused training for leaders is facilitated by highly experienced, successful trainers who have served in the industry as leaders, gaining real experience with real teams

    BusinessUniv Leadership Training helps leaders become the real Game Changers in their industry.

  • Enhancing Emotional Intelligence

    E.I. & E.Q. Training

    Be it individuals or teams, people are struggling with emotional conflicts. Facing tough decisions, difficult conversations or carrying past baggage makes day to day lived seem really challenging.

    Our Emotional Intelligence Training helps individuals, teams and leaders to be equipped and perform with a high EQ, even under pressure and get results.  

  • Master the Art of Training & Facilitation

    Train The Trainer

    The “Trainer the Trainer” program is for anyone who desires to become better at facilitation and training. 

    This powerful TTT program puts the most amazing training trends and techniques at your fingertips. 

    Come and be the most wonderful trainer ever

Founder's Note ...

Care | Learn | Transform

It is an honor to present  BusinessUniv to you, as an experienced training and development organization with great attention to care, learning & transformations. 

For us, at BusinessUniv, Coaching with NLP and Emotional Intelligence are the keys to transformations that can unleash human potential. Our corporate training programs, coach training and interventions revolve around helping people transform their potential towards the greater good.

I wholeheartedly welcome you to come and explore our journey, our offerings and our heart full of loving care. I am sure you will love working with us, and make us a part of your success journey.

~ Ashish Sehgal, Founder - BusinessUniv

Ashish Sehgal - Founder - BusinessUniv Leadership & Coaching Academy

To create powerful learning ripple effect that goes far and beyond, creating transformations that enable people worldwide build a life they want to live, using coaching, trainings and other elevating experiences.

Would you like to ...

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Build A Life You Truly Want!

Who are we?

BusinessUniv has been both a pioneer and a leading force in the arena of leadership & coach trainings. Founded in 2004, 

BusinesUniv continues to deliver exceptional quality training and coaching services to corporates, individuals and organizations.

The cornerstone of BusinessUniv has deep foundations in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Life Coaching. Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Training

BusinessUniv: Enabling Excellence!


Our life is a result of choices we make, or let be made.
It is only by taking charge of our life, and learning the required skills, that we can build a life we really want to live. No one is going to give it to us. We must choose to stand up and build it ourself ~ Ashish Sehgal

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NLP Training

BusinessUniv is  one of the oldest and well established NLP training organizations in India. Ashish Sehgal, Founder of BusinessUniv is licensed as a NLP Trainer from the Original Society of NLP.  

BusinessUniv offers NLP Practitioner Certification, NLP Master Practitioner Certification & NLP Licenced Trainer Certification with accreditations from ABNLP (American Board of NLP). IHA & IINLP (Institute of Integrated NLP)

Life Coach Training - Delhi Gurgaon Goa India

Life Coach Training

We have trained and helped thousands of aspiring individuals to learn, qualify and be Certified Life Coaches. Our unique Certified Intensive Life Coach Training Program helps you master multiple coaching skills in one consolidated coach training program.

This Intensive Life Coach Training Program program includes Core Coaching Methodologies, NLP Coaching, Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, Charismatic Presenter and Trainer’s Training modules. 

NLP Coach Training - Delhi Gurgaon Goa India

Trainer's Training

BusinessUniv Intensive Trainers Training (TTT) is an in-depth Training & Workshop, often a perspective changing experience, that Master Trainer Ashish Sehgal guides you through. This journey is full of meaningful experiences that you witness within yourself and around.

Our TTT Program that you will attend is specially designed to let you experience a multitude of micro and macro methods and activities throughout each day of the TTT training. With each experience, you will get newer perspectives and insights about how you see training challenges and overcome them in real time.

Train The Trainer - Trainers Training - Delhi Gurgaon Goa India

Emotional Intelligence Training

Emotional Intelligence is a secret ingredient that can have a powerful and positive impact on the way you live your lives. Individually, in families, teams and organizations.
Our Easy EI model of Emotional Intelligence has brought revolutionary change in the way people experience and express emotions

Our Emotional Intelligence training is backed by our decades of experience working with thousands of individuals and organizations. The integrated EI training includes models for Classic EI, NLP & Coaching.

Leadership Training

Leadership is a heartfelt commitment. It is a commitment to the success of the people whom you lead. It is a commitment to the purpose you lead with.

Great leaders have learnt to identify potential and develop the best from their teams.

Our leadership training programs are for people who want to ‘Lead with a heart’. We help people develop heartfelt leadership qualities that genuinely care, and nurture their teams to bring out great collective potential and drive a movement towards success.

Leadership Corporate Training - Delhi Gurgaon Goa India

Sales Training

Sales has always been the top function for most business organizations. With the changing economy, it is important to build better sales skills. NLP has been instrumental in accelerating sales. Our NLP based Sales training helps you get on a new level of building ethical influence and persuasion with your customers. 

You master the art of building amazing rapport, build confidence that impresses and deal with objections gracefully. Our signature program ‘Win That Sale‘ is a NLP Sales Training, must for everyone who wants to master the Art of Influence, Persuasion & Sales.

NLP Sales Training India

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Leadership Training

Mindfulness Training

Therapy & Healing

Public Speaking Training


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