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BusinessUniv is the leading Experiential Training, Coaching & Research organization, based in New Delhi, India.
Since more than a decade, BusinessUniv has been deeply involved in research on how NLP can be useful for a multitude of fields related to personal, social and professional life. Our intensive NLP training programs are based on the learnings from Dr. Richard Bandler, Dr, John Grinder & Robert Dilts; and our research.

Our most popular Train The Trainer program is developed by Ashish Sehgal, and helps trainers explore their own excellence models in facilitation."

We help individuals and organizations in achieving extraordinary results and success. We strive for excellence and that is what we deliver in our training and workshops. Each NLP training session we conduct, we ensure maximum individual level deep rooting on concepts using highly influential NLP methodology.

BusinessUniv was established in 2004 as an organisation dedicated to the study, education, training, coaching and research of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Based in New Delhi, India, BusinessUniv conducts NLP Trainings in Delhi, Gurgaon & Mumbai, along with NLP Retreats in Dehradoon & Goa

The mission of BusinessUniv is to create a context where professionals from different streams, backgrounds, cultures and belief systems can come with us as we together learn, explore, experiment and develop new & useful models of NLP.

The vision of BusinessUniv is to be the light that helps discover excellence within oneself, and bring out the genius within.

Our purpose is to Invoke and Install Exceptional Competence in all lives we touch

Facilitation Excellence Model in Train the Trainer Program

During the Train The Trainer program, our purpose is to install Exceptional Competence in each one of the participants of our programs. Our NLP training participants not only learn NLP experientially but also integrate it deep within their identities, helping them move faster towards their goals.


Being Genius is the ability to put into effect what is on your mind. The EXCEPTIONAL COMPETENCE Model just enables you to do that, with the enhanced and acquired resources. We, at BusinessUniv, facilitate you explore, enhance and enrich your mind.

Are you ready to explore your inner genius?
Welcome to BusinessUniv: Academy of Exceptional Competence

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