Storytelling – Being Metaphorically Influential

Remember the times you have been fascinated with a good story?
And the way it has been told to you? Pause, for a moment, and think.

StorytellingHow many times, you have stayed up late watching a movie or reading a novel that you could not stop at that time?  Remember those moments when you read an article in the magazine or newspaper that made you think, and ponder. Those times, when a story helped you change your opinion about something.

There is no doubt that stories, and the way they are told, can have a lasting impression on the way we perceive things, the way we take actions and make decisions.

Storytelling is a powerful medium of change. It is a wonderful leadership tool, and when used in precise manner, can influence minds. It can persuade, inspire and motivate people. They have the power to bring positive changes in the way people think and work.

What exactly works in the storytelling? 

The most important tool in the arsenal of a storyteller is placing the story as a metaphor.

NLP recognises metaphors as one of the most powerful ways for therapy.  Telling stories as metaphors is an art that needs to be mastered, to get accurate results in influencing.

Storytelling in the corporate world 

You have seen business leaders and visionaries telling stories as they speak to people. Notice how powerfully, yet subtly they use stories in their talks.

Most CEOs, business-heads, managers are learning the fine art of story telling as they realize and recognize it as one of the most important methods to connect and be a persuasive motivator.

Marketing and Sales are direct influence area where stories and metaphors work wonders. Remember all those little advertisements that showed a story influence you buy a product.  That is, my friend, the power of story telling.

How to you precisely master this art?

NLP Metaphors WorshopThe ‘Metaphors in a Satchel’ is a carefully sculpted workshop that helps you learn exactly what you want.  It incorporates the basics and the finer advanced details that help you become an influential storyteller.  You learn the techniques like using body language, vocal variations, expressions, pitch control and more such methods to learn this art. And then you learn how to place metaphors, choose stories as per situations, use the same stories to influence different people in a group for same or different objectives. There is so much to learn.

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