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Sales & NLP Training in Delhi, NCR

NLP Training in Delhi, NCR


Drive Sales with BusinessUniv Sales Training Workshop

Sales TrainingWith the changing business environment, sales today has become a complex process starting from a lead generated, going through multiple stages of discussions, persuasions, even negotiations in many cases, leading to final ordering, delivery and occasionally post sales support. The sales force of today must get trained with the essential skills that help them build lasting relationship with their customers, and selling profitably.

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BusinessUniv has the expertise and resources that can help you with excellent sales training. Our sales training modules are scalable and can help anyone from a single individual to the entire sales force and supporting departments. We have the capability to consistently provide best-in-class training.

The Sales Training program effectively trains you in six elements of success that are most required in the competitive sales environment today. It transforms you by teaching you the six elements of success that can be applied in almost any situation that calls for it. Starting with modular trainings on Image and impression management, and interpersonal skills, our unique training program takes you further to complex skills like persuasion and negotiations. Further more, you get trained in conflict management that helps you resolve conflicts arising in discussions, with ease. The top up the training with a unique stress management module  that helps you be relaxed and productive in the most stressful situations.

The workshop is full of real life situation based activities that let you explore challenges and resolve them with your newly learned skills.

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And all this transformation happen just in two days. Just one weekend that really transforms our participants into effective sales champions.

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