Sales Training, Effectiveness -II

Sales Training

Sales Effectiveness (continued…)

Converting the procrastinating customer into the committed buyer needs lot of patience and consistent prompting. Identifying the main interest of the buyer is the first crucial step. Then try to link the benefits of the purchase of your product or solution with that need. Polish your linguistic skills to depict pictorial image in words, describe in believable terms and restrict going overboard with flowery language. Appeal to customer’s senses so that he can actually visualize the advantages in tangible way.

Main goal should be to target on closing the sale deal by asking the precise and direct question. If you feel the prospect is still delving on whether or not to purchase, follow the alternative options that your company is willing to offer. Inform him about other lucrative offers and how he can benefit by choosing any of them. Point out how it will help him and make things easier for him if he opts for them.

SalesTrainingsKeep him engaged and don’t let his interest get diluted; try to make him focus on how important this product is for him. If the buyer is having second thoughts, establish his priorities for him. Produce the urgency by letting him know that the low price offer is for limited time and he would lose the opportunity if he delays.

Get inspiration from motivational sales training technique and give the prospect various examples as to how the offer is ideal for his requirement and will prove to be totally satisfactory. Create the “word image” where he can see that this is an investment and not an expense.  Show him clear vision that the derived benefits totally outweigh the cost.

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