Participant’s View

This was a unique experience.  well planned, result oriented workshop with clear objectives and take aways. Highly relevant activities and concepts that helped me to gain an insight on my own issues and how to deal with them in my office and life. – Shilpi Sharma

Thank you Ashish Sehgal and your team. I have personally gone through a transformation and am totally geared up to be successful. I can focus more on what I do. I know that I will be using the tools I learned in this workshop, both in my office and in personal life. Thank you. ~ Dr. Amitesh Banerji 


I am able to make decisions faster now and act on them. My confusions are cleared and I have no distractions in my mind now. It has been a magical experience.  Sanjeev Mehta (Business Person)

We are glad that our HR Head decided to send us to this success workshop. We are sure we will be making more sales now and achieve  targets faster. ~ Vivek Singh (Sales Manager) & Anandi Sharma (Asst. Sales Manager)

Hi, Thank you. It was good to be here. I really liked the stress management module. I discovered this unique method to relax and it was such a relaxation I had never felt before in my life. I will keep mailing you for any questions I have. And yes, Thank you for the chocolates :)~ Ruchi Mahajan (Advertising Executive)

I feel so much more creative now. My name is Lakshaya and I work for an Ad Agency. I am so full of ideas now. Thanks Folks. ~ Lakshay (AdCopy Writer)

Well spend weekend with Ashish and his team. I was on vacation but it turned out to be such a good learning experience. When I go back to my country, I know how exactly I can now negotiate better with clients and persuade them faster to buy our services. ~ Erica (Real Estate Agent – Quebec)



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