The Investment

How much is your success worth?

And what kind of an investment you need to make in order to transform yourself!

The Fee for Success Essentials Program using NLP

The investment for the two day success essentials workshop is Rs 12,500.00 Only.

Current EARLY BIRD Discounted Fee Available (on or before 6th April 2013) 

  • For all advance bookings before 6th April 2013 Rs 10,000.00 Only instead of Rs 12,000.00.
  • All members of Toastmaster’s International booked before 28th February 2013  : Rs 8750.00 Only
  • All members of SOE Community booked before 28th February 2013  : Rs 8750.00 Only
  • Group Discounts: Join in a group of 4 or more and avail an extra 10% discount.

This is inclusive of the super six modules on elements of success:

  • The Social Weave – Interpersonal management
  • Image & Etiquette – Image management & professional etiquette
  • Negotiation Skills – Being a negotiation champion
  • Conflict Steering – Converting conflicts into opportunities
  • Persuasive Pitch – Persuasion & Selling
  • Stress Management –  Keep yourself stress-free in the most difficult situations, and boost personal productivity

Call +91 98101 88629 / +91 11 47 001 001  or fill the form below for any bookings or any questions. 

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