Negotiation Skills

Be a Negotiation Champion

Successful negotiation assists you to resolve circumstances where your wishes and in conflict with others. We negotiate because we live in a society of people with varying interests.

The objective of being a negotiation champion is to come to a mutually agreeable solution that is acceptable and beneficial, making you a winner. 

Negotiation SkillsThe art of negotiation starts with a careful study of your position vis-à-vis the other party. The goal is to find a mutually agreeable and acceptable solution. A negotiation champion is one who understands the dynamics of negotiations well and structures his argument well on the basis of his calibration of the opponents position, their goals and their ability to trade-off and come to a deal.

Most importantly, he must have the knowledge of strategies and the tactical ability to get a ‘yes’ even in the toughest situations.

The BusinessUniv Negotiation Champion Workshop aims to make you an extraordinary negotiator who is armed with highly sophisticated strategies, which can be applied at every business (and personal) situations that call for your skilled presence.

The focus areas of the Negotiation Skills workshop are:

  • The Sketch: Strategic Planning before a negotiation and the art of situational calibration.
  • The Weave: Structured approach to negotiations and the artful placing of your statements, at the right moment, to get the maximum impact.
  • The Talk: The language of negotiation, the art of verbal skills, the listening skills, the interpretation of what you listen, and making the final talks.
  • The Mannerism: Understanding the body language, non verbal communication, the art of building rapport without words and using it
  • The Offer: Making the offer and they way you package it, depending on key factors and building just the right amount of authority and attractiveness of the offer. It is skill of making the offer ‘one cannot refuse’.
  • The Settlement: Understanding more than just a price and giveaways.
  • The Affirmative Handshake: The magic of getting a YES at what you want, right from the beginning of the discussions.
  • The Aftermath: Handling post negotiation procedures, and ensuring the negotiated points to take a documented shape clearly.

The aim to attend the workshop is to make you think out of the box at the time of negotiations, and to bring a confident change in you away from deep embedded ideas about dealing with difficult people and situations, both in personal and professional life.

So would you like to be a skilled negotiator?

Ask us your questions now! We help you to discover the answers hidden within yourself.


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