Image Management

Creating a Winning Image

Image ManagementWhen someone looks at a stranger for the first time, within the first 3 seconds, your mind starts forming opinions about him.  The major part of the information you impart to anyone in first meeting is visual.  So, the image you project is a major influencer on how people perceive you.  And image is not just how you appear. It is much more than that.

In order to be groomed well and to have a well managed image, you need to understand and answer some basic questions.

  • What factors contribute to your image?
  • Are you able to project and change your image (at will) as per occasion and situation?
  • Do you understand the basic psychology behind the image you project?
  • Is your image having the desired influence on the people you meet?
  • And finally- Are you managing your image to meet your goals?

Image management is a proactive process to evaluate and manage the effect of your appearance on others to help you achieve your objectives.

Almost all high profile people, business magnets, corporate leaders, professionals, socialites today understand the value of image management and project the right image. It makes them extraordinarily confident and makes them a winner in whatever they do.

Do you want to be super confident with your image?
Are you ready to reap the rewards of a well-managed image?If the answer is YES, and you want to know more about the ‘Success Essentials’ workshop,  drop in a line.

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