Who Should Attend

Are you looking at transforming yourself for success?

Yes ‘you’ should attend this amazing workshop!
BusinessUniv’s Success Essentials is a highly engaging, content rich, and very practical, and is based on six fundamental skills of success.

People from varied fields of life, join and attend our workshops for varied reasons. There are many who have benefited from our programs. They range from entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals, sales managers, marketing experts, management trainers, housewives, students and many more. They are from all age groups and come for many reasons.
There is just one thing common in them – the desire to learn more about the secrets of success, both in personal and professional lives.

Why do these people prefer our success essentials workshop?

Many reasons:

  • Six most important success skills covered in a concise way
  • Just two days of this capsule workshop
  • Amazingly practical content with practice sessions
  • Industry experts with practical experience deliver the workshop
  • Well planned modules with well defined outcomes.
  • Easy, yet highly efficient method of training, using NLP, to embed the techniques
  • Last, but not the least – the workshop has been designed and managed by Ashish Sehgal, a man with 25 years of corporate and business experience. Ashish Sehgal is a well known NLP Practitioner, therapist and corporate trainer. He is also the business head for AceGenesis, one of India’s oldest online media marketing company.

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