Be Successful

Success Essentials Workshop


BusinessUniv’s Success Essentials is an amazing weekend workshop that include the most importan t six elements of success in personal, social & professional life. The program ensures that you learn to focus on ‘how’, rather than what and why. The Neuro-Linguistic Programming masters ensure that your mind is able to work on ‘how’ to get results in each situation of your life.


You know how every success is your own life started with a small step.
A small step today can take you a long way.
When you take this small step today and decide to join the Success Essentials workshop,
you already know
how it will transform you into the super successful person you always wanted to be.



  Day 1 – April 13th Day 2 – April 14th
Getting Started – Introducing NLP

Prespectives of Success

Interpersonal Skills using NLP

Impression Management

Persuasion Skills

Negotiation Skills

Conflict Management

Stress Management

Work Life Balance

Q & A Session


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