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The Success Essentials Workshop is the most comprehensive and powerful soft skills training ever. Two days that can change your path towards success. This is one decision that you will take to transform your life forever. Our extensive research and training methodology ensures maximum learning and retention in the two days workshop.

As we study the roadmap of success, we see that there are a few fundamental skills that help you immensely on this journey. The story of human excellence, all along the history, has left us enough clues to define the ways of success.

Many successful people would often tell you how they succeeded in life. We, at BusinessUniv, with our essential NLP skills, have built a program that helps you get started, on a fast track.

Our program revolves around the six essential skills that pave your path to success in life, professional and personal.

  • The Social Weave – Interpersonal management
  • Influence Management – Highly effective influencing skills
  • Persuasive Pitch – Persuasion skills that help you get what you want
  • Negotiation Champion – Negotiation skills for better deals in life
  • Conflict Steering – Converting conflicts into opportunities
  • Stress Management –  Keep your cool, and boost personal productivity

Each module is designed for quick and easy grasp of these secrets of success. And throughout the workshop, you also get a lot of other eye opening answers to many a questions that have been bothering you since long, about success.

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