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Neuromarketing – Marketing Training

Neuromarketing isn’t new. The concept has evolved from Greek Philosopher Plato’s two horses drawn by a chariot philosophy. Further developed by Ale Smidts and used extensively by Fortune 500 companies like Google, CBS, and Frito-Lay, Neuro-Marketing has been evolving and practiced all over the world.

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Neuro Marketing is based on the principle of three brains and how it can be influenced for selling.

Neuro Marketing Workshop, Delhi, India

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So, what is new? BusinessUniv’s extensive experience and  in-depth research in building strategic marketing solutions are now available to everyone for learning. BusinessUniv is holding a series of  workshops on Neuro Marketing Workshops. It is a must for anyone who is interested in sales and marketing, in order to learn how people buying decisions.

Pre-registrations are open for an introductory seminar to be held in New Delhi.

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