Metaphors in the Satchel

NLP Metaphors WorshopDecades ago, when I worked as a teacher, I used to hold a little competition every month, to build interesting stories. And every-time three chosen stories were given a little certificate and everyone was given chocolates and candies. It was kind of a ritual we followed month after month, for many years. Many young students learned and moved ahead.

Last year, I got an invitation to attend the wedding of one of students from those batches. I went there, and she was too glad to see me. She invited to  her room, and showed me many awards she had got. And amongst that, I saw one of the certificates I had given during those years when she was learning from me. Her mother told me that she treasured that certificate the most, as it helped her gain confidence to stand up and do things for herself in life. It was then I felt how important a piece of paper can be, in ones life. People did remember the chocolates and candies, but it was those little certificates, gave them the confidence to move up and do something in life.
It changed the way I looked at certificates.

Story telling TrainingIncidents, stories and metaphors can make powerful changes in the way we think. And, today, in every scenario we may be in, we can use stories and metaphors to influence minds, for ourselves and others. Stories always had the magical influencing power in them. We daily listen to many little incidents and stories, but only a few leave a mark. How do they leave this mark, where the other mentions slip out of the memory?

How, we tell stories, is the real art to be mastered. Why some stories, when told by different people have different levels of influence? It depends on how accurately has the metaphor been placed towards the objective of the story teller. This precise alignment of the objective and the story is what ‘Metaphors in the Saddlebag’ is all about.

This brings us to reason why our ‘Metaphors in the Satchel‘  even exists. You are welcome to enroll yourself, and learn the art of subtle and effective storytelling, in most casual ways, in day-to-day talks, and influence decisions.

What is ‘Metaphors in the Satchel’ workshop about?

This  workshop is about how stories and metaphors can be used to impact and influence. This is not about the theatrical story telling, that lets you remember this story. The purpose of this workshop is to say stories and metaphors in a way that the conscious mind focuses on the story and the subconscious listens to the message you want to convey.


The workshop effectively uses NLP and trains you on using metaphor as an NLP technique. It also has influences from stories from MIlton Erickson, Virginia Satir, Richard Bandler and John Grinder.

Who all can benefit from ‘Metaphors in the Satchel’ workshop?

Metaphors for corporatesAll those who wish to use metaphors as influencing tools for self and others can benefit from thsi workshop. Our batches are normally attended by business heads, ceo, directors, entrepreneurs, corporate managers, sales and marketing experts, human resource managers,  NLP practitioners, therapists, teachers, trainers, public speakers and many more professionals from different walks of life. Homemakers and teenagers have also gained a lot of influencing skill from this workshop.

Who would train you?
Ashish Sehgal (Head – BusinessUniv)
, and his team of NLP Experts will train you and help you by brining out the best in you are a metaphor expert.

Duration of the workshop: 2 Days: ( 6 to  7 Hours  each day).
Where: New Delhi.
Inclusions:  Tea / Coffee / Lunch is included in the cost.
Fee: Rs 9500.00 Only. Early Bird Booking Discount Available.

How do you think you can benefit from ‘Metaphors in the Satchel’ workshop?
Want to know more or attend this program? 


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