NLP Presuppositions – The Guiding Philosophy of NLP

The NLP Presuppositions are the a set of central beliefs during our NLP journey. There are called presuppositions because they may not be claimed to be universally true or applicable. This starting set of beliefs help us understand the way human mind works and how programming can be effectively applied to the it using neuro-linguistics.

Lets start to explore each NLP Presupposition now.

The map is not the territory.
People respond to their experience of reality, and not to reality itself.

We respond to our perception of reality and not to reality. In fact we do not know what reality is! Our view towards anything is a result of our experience(s), our beliefs and the input provide by our senses, in regard to the subject or situation. Our maps of any situation can be very different from the map of any other person. We respond to this map of reality, and not to reality itself.

NLP helps us widening and changing our maps giving us a greater freedom of our responses.

People work perfectly
No one is broken.

People function perfectly according to the best resources they have. Each behaviour has a structure. Once we are able to understand the structure, we can use this structure to modify or refile the outcome.

People make the best available choice at any given time, as per the resources they have.
Having a choice is better than having no choice.

Having more choices gives a person a greater freedom to use it. Giving people a better map helps them see more choices, that they will choose to use when a situation arrives.

People have all the resources they need, and they can create more.
There are no un-resourceful people. only un-resourceful states of mind

This presumption opens up immense possibilities. The recourses refered here are the internal responses and external behaviours required to get the desired outcome. Most of the time people have available resources that they may not have considered in different contexts.  Once made aware, the mind can generalise the resource usage easily.

The meaning of communication is the response you get.
The point of a communication is to get the desired outcome

All communication and signal we send out triggers the responses we get. Looking from an overall perspective, the end result meaning of any communication is always the responses that come. A effective  communicator is the one who can get a response he desires.

You cannot not communicate
You are always communicating. 

We always communicate, be it verbally of non-verbally; consciously or un-consciously. Even then the response is absent, it is a communication.

Every behaviour has a positive intention.
Everything one does, the mind has a positive intent behind it, in some context.

Any actions we do, have at least one purpose – to get the desired outcome. NLP clearly differentiates intention and the action. One may intent something and do something completely different.

There is no failure, only feedback
Every result we get communicates some information useful for the next step.

When the action does not get you the desired results, it is time to do something else.

Mind and Body are parts of the same system
Psychology effects physiology, and reverse of also equally true.

Both mind and body have effects on each other. Our body, in many ways represent out internal sensory processing. Our mind reflects our condition of our body. It is possible to tune up one to get the desired results com the other. They are parts of the same system.

Modelling excellence leads to excellence
Possible for anyone, possible for me

Individual skills are a function of development of a sequential system of representational systems. This implies that any ability, talent or skill can be broken down to smaller components and can be learned using modelling and other methods. (This presupposition may have some exceptions as in severe physiological and neurological conditions.)

To add on the above, I would also say the following –

The person with the maximum flexibility and the largest map with have the maximum influence in any given situation. 

This implies that the people with most options and choices control the system and situation one in is. This can be made true for yourself by extending you map of your world and building great unconscious modelling skills that are installed during your Success-Essentials NLP training.

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