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NLP Practitioner Training

Transform your Personal, Professional & Social Life

BusinessUniv’s Success Maximum is a 6 days highly experiential and intensive NLP training program that helps you master the skills and tools you need to succeed in all relevant areas of you life.

It is time for you to pay attention to your own success. It is the time you transform your life, succeed in your business, grow in your work area, improve your relationships, manage your health and progress in life.

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Allow yourself more freedom, and lead yourself to Success!

It is the time you allow yourself to learn more and grow more, for your own success on your own terms.


Think of a place, where you can step-in, and all the resources you have, gather up with you, and are ready to help you go to the next level in life, profession and relationships.

Think how powerful and happy you can ever feel, when all of these resources integrate within yourself, aligned to your own vision of your life. 

You can integrate all these wonderful states of mind, and all your resources, within yourself, and align them.
‘NLP PRACTITIONER with Ashish Sehgal’ coaches you for exactly what you have in your mind, now.

Your vision is about excellence in your personal, professional and/or social life. Your ability to enjoy your relationships to the fullest. Your ability to get your business surging ahead. Your career going in the direction you want. Your prominence and fame growing all around. Whatever you wish for, you already have the resources for the same, within yourself.

This NLP course helps your to allow yourself, to bring these resources to your awareness, and then to build them internally and enjoy the transformation you undergo. 


Amazing NLP Training
Your are coached for your life goals. The objective of the training is to embed NLP excellence in your identity.

This is far more effective than any other so-called NLP Training because it is not just about learning the techniques, but to learn the applications relevant to your own life and objectives.

The Right Balance of Structured Training & Experiential Learning
The program is dynamically managed looking into your objectives in view. The active ‘every session feedback system‘ lets us dynamically re-organise the flow of the sessions on the go. Yes, each individual session gives you an opportunity to reflect back and we build the program based on feedback after every session.

Also, as you choose you build your own experiences and intensify your own learning, we support you in doing what best you do. The program is designed to build experiences that enhance your learnings on the go.

Personal Attention with Smaller Groups
The groups are smaller that enable immense personal attention to you and your objectives. We realise that we are working with individuals in the group and not a herd of sheep. We want each individual to get personal attention and space.
Free Revisits to NLP Training Sessions
And when at some time you feel you need to re-learn, you can have free revisits of the Success Maximum program. You will only pay the location+food fee, and the training charges shall be waived off. These free-revisits would be available to you for six months from the date of the program you attend. We would be glad to see you when you re-visit and learn even more, every-time.
Internal Integration with Vision of your life
With our unique ‘Auto Installation of Success‘ model, we take the responsibility to deep-embed the learnings that you choose to take with you.

Our conversational deep embedding sessions make your learnings life long with you, and find newer methods to multiply your success.

Re-imprinting & Coaching
You with have access to the following super powerful resources once you successfully complete the program:

  • Replies to your questions via mail
  • Personal Coaching Session with Certified Life & Business Coaches
  • Free Revisits to NLP Training Programs in your city
  • Access to the BusinessUniv Practice NLP Online Group for discussions
NLP Intensive Certification
 Your NLP Practitioner  Certificate would be signed by Licenced NLP Coach Master Practitioner & Success Coach Ashish Sehgal, and issued by BusinessUniv, endorsed by IINLP. You can choose to attend the NLP training in Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai & Bangalore

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