Learned NLP. Now how to apply NLP in Business?

For everyone who has been though an NLP course, and knows how helpful NLP has been in life, and now, it is time to Take A Step Further.

It is time to put your NLP learning into practice. It is time to sharpen your NLP knowledge and use NLP for professional growth, in sales, marketing and business.

You learnt NLP and now you want to be in a position to accurately apply it in various fields in your life.  You know how helpful NLP can be, in your career, job or business. Now, enhance your capabilities and learn to use NLP for Business.


BusinessUniv, the pioneer in Applied NLP, brings to you what you had been waiting for. The NLP integrated Sales & Marketing Workshop – the two days that will give you a multi-perspective look into the buyers mind, and give you tools to increase market visibility, boost sales and skyrocket your profits.

NLP methods work fabulously, and now you want to have a higher level of integrated understanding how to use it in your marketing activities and with your clients.  This NLP for Business Series workshop does exactly the same.

Attending the Sales & Marketing Integrated Workshop, using NLP, you can learn how to generate more leadsimprove sales conversionswin more pitchesnegotiate more effectively and finally, generate more business.

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Sales Training DelhiAsk yourself now!

Would you like to Master the following aspects of Sales & Marketing?

  • How to strategize and build market success
  • Aligning and coordinating Marketing and Sales
  • Build successful Marketing & Action plans
  • Understanding Pull Marketing
  • Implement marketing plans practically, to Boost Sales
  • Boost efficacy of your advertising campaigns
  • Use the right mix of Conventional Marketing & Online Marketing practices
  • Creating Record Sales and be a Sales Leader
  • Making each meeting a Success Story

This NLP Integrated Sales & Marketing Workshop will address both strategy and tactics, and here’s an outline of what will be covered:

  • A strategic overview of Sales and Marketing.
  • Building Impactful Marketing plans
  • Integrating Sales & Marketing in one Action Plan.
  • Building Sales Engagement Plans
  • Effective tools for Sales & Marketing
  • Creating Winning Marketing Campaigns
  • Building Rapport instantly
  • Using rapport to Win Trust
  • Using trust to Negotiate Better deals
  • Closing Successful Deals
  • Building Lasting Relationships
  • Building Constant Feedback and Re-alignment process within marketing & sales plan.
  • A group exercise on “live” business issues to put Learning into Practice.

What’s more? Now Included … Online Marketing!

A special expert module on Online Marketing is now added for the your benefit. You shall learn the intricacies of online marketing including:

  • Lead Generation Online
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • Google Marketing & Advertising
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Online Local Marketing
  • much more… 

The market is ready for you. Are you ready?

It’s time to take your training in your hands. Your mind, and situations around are telling you to go ahead and get the right training, that you have felt you needed all the way. Let nothing come in your way to success in Sales & Marketing.

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