Mystic Travels (Excerpts)- Romshri Ashesh

Excerpts from Romshri’s upcoming book…

I understand now that the limits of human mind are utterly unlimited.

Romshri AseshBack to the days when I was learning Regression work from the Legend Dr. Brain Weiss or days when I came back India and underwent Clinical Hypnotherapy Training, I would not hesitate to admit that as a student, I was too careless about everything I was being taught.

I would not care how well or badly my teachers expressed themselves if they did not have perfectly enchanting things to say.

In class, I would dream- connect with other human beings in thoughts – record- practice like a zombie- would read out the script like Shakespeare- enjoy scribbling cartoons on teacher’s white board in his/her absence- make other students laugh by imitating teachers.

I do not have a kind of primitive need to leave a mark on the world. So in practice hours, I would go outside and start gazing the mountains or would go and lie besides the water fountain in the campus.

For me the best time is at the end of the day, when you’ve learnt and forgotten. You learnt longer than you expected to. You’ve been so absorbed in it that it got late. You unhitch yourself from the plow.

Moreover, in the class nobody really knows how to sell hypnotherapy.

The whole system is changing, and nobody knows how to make money in this industry in any kind of reliable way. And that was a big background mind fly.

To the extent of my own surprise, at the end of every class, I almost always scored highest or higher than many. Other students would think- Yeah, she always seems so engrossed in class.

But by the end of the course I learnt one thing for sure- Any idiot can hypnotize. But not every idiot can be hypnotized.

And mind you, this precious lesson led me to great successful clinical hypnotherapy sessions later in life.

When I came back to Delhi, I had no choice but to continue my practice of hypnotherapy.

I had willfully quit a job of Human Resource Manager and a relationship.

I was willing to be a child and be the Lilliputian in the world of Gulliver, the bat girl in Yankee Stadium. That’s a more fruitful way to be.

I would not spoil it to say that it was my divine plan or inner calling.

But yes, it was coming unasked out of my heart, my mind; my mouth and my gut- Do it!

Travel and mysteries always drove me.

But now paradise was there on the roads of mind.

This adventure is a metaphysical one: it is a way of approaching life indirectly, of acquiring a total rather than a partial view of the universe.

In clinic, when you sit on the Therapist chair and look at the client on couch; you live between the upper and lower worlds: you take the path in order eventually to become the path yourself.

You begin in absolute chaos and darkness, in a bog or swamp of ideas and emotions and experiences.

Even now I do not consider myself a Therapist in the ordinary sense of the word. I am a girl telling the story of her life, a process which appears more and more inexhaustible as I go on. Like the world-evolution, it is endless.

A story which has a metaphysical hue, a therapeutic significance, a destiny with no goal and a voyaging through X dimensions.

From the very beginning of my practice, I was deeply aware that there is no goal.

So I was free and wild.

Indifferent to my fate.

As they say flowing with the flow.

I would rather say I had to grow stinking with knowledge, realize the pointlessness of everything, smash everything, grow desperate, then humble, then sponge myself off the slate, as it were, in order to recover my accuracy or inaccuracy.

There were already plenty of therapists and I was not there to establish any value.

Remember I was the bat girl in Yankee Stadium, the baby in the Gulliver land?

I was there to work with people’s mind; which is something beyond words, beyond language, beyond pretense of illusion and a center connected with the rhythm of the whole universe.

I had to throw myself into the current to see that I would probably sink in.

Rich and Poor Clinical, personal and professional experiences.

Some in my recorder, some in my diary and some in my visual-audio memory bank in my mind.

In defense of the fluid self, I did lot of daring work.”

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