Mid Life Transformations

Mid Life Crisis or Mid Life Transformations

I met this gentleman a couple of months ago, who wanted to leave his settled job. He was in his late thirties or early forties, and was working as a senior manager in a manufacturing company. He had a good salary and a well maintained life style.

Midlife CrisisA friend, whom I had helped a few years ago, using NLP, introduced him to me. So we stated to talk over a cup of steaming coffee and I discovered that he is having sudden bouts of desire to leave his job and start something on his own. He also mentioned that he undergoes bouts of depression once in a while and he feels they are related to the environment in his office.  Since about an year, he had tried to get into shape and had joined gym. He no longer loved listening to jazz, his favorite past-time since youth. Instead, he was not more interested in exploring new sports including athletics.

And all this, along with many other things he mentioned, was throwing his life out of gear. He was no longer able to focus on his professional assignment in his current job.  Instead, he had this desire to start a venture of his own, as a manufacturing consultant.

I found all this very normal, and asked his what was troubling him? He went into a deep thought as we walked slowly on busy passages of Connaught-Place. After a while, he said, he does not feel that he is ready to take the step.  On asking, what stops him, all he mentioned was the fear to unsettle the current lifestyle. He asked me if he was suffering from a mid life crisis. I still wonder why and how such terms just label a person and pull him down.

All he wanted me to help him, take the decision. I felt that he was not ready mentally to take the responsibility of the proposed action. Probing deep, I discovered that he had worked very hard to build his position and somehow he believed that his current status is the best he could ever achieve.

Alas! What a limiting belief it was.
Today, thousands of people suffer from such limiting beliefs in life. They suppress their own aspirations just because of similar limiting beliefs.  Once we discover what belief is holding back someone from getting what he wants, it is easy to let the super-conscious take charge of the methods that it applies to the conscious mind, and prompts to take action.

A simple NLP based intervention by changing the label in his mind actually helped. All I had to do is to change the label from ‘mid-life crisis’ to ‘mid-life transformation’.  His mind was well prepared already to know the transformation he planned for himself. This transformation took him to a direction where he wanted to be, without his limiting beliefs. All the limiting beliefs were left with the old label of mid life crisis.

Today, I received a card from him, inviting me to the inauguration of his new office.  I am still wondering. Is it his success, or is it mine?
I guess success is always mutual.

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  1. Nurturing somebody including own children to take wings is highly satisfying for both the parties.
    Great job Ashish.
    Keep growing.

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