Impression Management

The Art of Impression Management

A long time study says that the total impact of a message that you say is about 7% verbal, 38% tonal and 55% non-verbal, which include facial expressions and body language.  So how successful you are, in projecting the image that you wish to be perceived?  Are you able to make the impact that you wish to make? Think…

When you are talking to someone, he perceives your talk not just by your words, but also by your body language and expression language. If you know how to manage your impression well, you have a big advantage on your side. Right kind of mannerism helps you influence people in the most desired ways.  It is not just your body language or facial expressions, but also the way you walk, the way you sit, or stand, and that builds the image.

The Success Essentials module on Impression Management had well defined objectives.  Some of the valuable leanings are:

  • Key concepts, principles, findings, and methodological techniques relevant to the study of impression management and self-presentation.
  • How to analyze social psychological phenomena in terms of impression management.
  • How everyday social events can be better understood through the understanding of impression management.

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