The Coffee Cup Life

NLP Metaphors A group of old students, highly established in their respective careers, got together to visit their old teacher. They started talking and soon started discussing the stress and tensions in their respective lives.

The teacher got up, went to the kitchen, and brought out a large coffee pot and many assorted cups. Students were surprised to see such a variety of cups in porcelain, metal, plastic
glass, and crystal. Some of them looked very exquisite and some plain, but each one looked different from each other. He asked the students to help themselves with coffee, as he sat down in the corner, watching them.

As each one of them took a cup of their choice, poured coffee and sat down, the professor started talking to them. He said. – As you notice, you all took nice expensive cups for your coffee, and left the simple ones on the table.  It seems a normal practice to do so, choosing for the best what you can have. But, that is the source of your stress and tensions. What you wanted was the coffee, that you all poured form the same pot.

The cup itself does not add anything to the taste of the coffee. At times, it just hides the coffee inside. You all went for the best cup you could see, and then also started eyeing each other’s cup. But after you have finished your coffee, you would just leave the cup.

Your life is like coffee, and others things like position, status, money, career, power and popularity are just like cups. They are just tools to hold and contain your life, but they do not change or define the quality of life we live.

Many a times, just by focusing on the choice of cups, we fail to enjoy, and respect our own lives.

The happiest people are not those who have the best cups.  They are those who make the best of whatever they have.


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    It is soo true…..:) I love all your posts Ashish…….You really make me think. THANKYOU.

  2. Thanks Blossom. Its so kind of of you. Thanks 🙂

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