Business & NLP

Business & NLP

How big is the game you are playing?

howbigThe success of any business is maximised with useful changes that are brought out in systems, processes and people. NLP is the definitive answer to bring and integrate useful changes, and align people with the vision of a business.

You want to take your business on the next level, but you have less time to plan. One of the most important question you want to answer is – Do you spend your time ‘in’ your business or ‘on’ your business? If you are focusing most time ‘in’ your business, you may be losing the clear business vision. You want to have support of an expert coach so that you take the business to the next level

Our training seminars and business coaching can help you develop the business to the highest level and increase profits. We help you identify plans to reach your goals. This helps save time and cost and also enable you to lead your teams more effectively.

BusinessUniv has been instrumental in helping businesses in multiple ways. Being one of the finest NLP training, coaching and research organisations, BusinessUniv can help you achieve more than you can believe.

Our business services include bespoke training sessions and coaching. Here are some ways we help your business achieve success beyond your expectations.

  • Training & Facilitation
    • NLP Business Practitioner Program
    • NLP Sales Training
    • Soft Skills with NLP
    • Interpersonal Skills Training
    • Change Management
    • Bespoke – Customised Trainings
  • 1:1 Coaching for Businesses
    • C – Level Coaching
    • Entrepreneur Coaching
    • Leadership Coaching
    • Start-Up Coaching
    • SME Business Coaching
    • Solutions Coaching
    • Next Level Business Coaching
    • Passing the Baton
    • Bespoke – Custom Objective Coaching

The Focus is You

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