Binduu Chopra | Success, Wisdom & Style

Binduu Chopra | Success, Wisdom & Style

What makes one’s life different from the others is the knowledge that one gains through our daily experiences and interactions and how we are able to mold ourselves into individuals who can make ordinary situations into extraordinary examples of life. ~ Binduu

One has to be extremely lucky to achieve goals overnight. Wonder if I can 

Binduu ChopraTo be where she is today has not been an easy task. There have been many disappointments and a lot of hard work. Along with slogging came successes. Her journey will only help a few who read this to overcome their hurdles if they were to compare their lives, if they were going through something similar. However, the end result is beautiful.

BusinessUniv considers Binduu a Success Icon. She has proved herself in everything she has done. Her life has a lot to learn from.

A traveler at heart, she confesses that traveling has been an opportunity to not just live in different part of the world but also to experience different cultures and meet new people, up close and personal. She says she has gained more than what I have lost and enjoyed every moment of it.

Binduu Chopra is an author, an expert at metaphors and practices creative healing through art. She is an Aura analyst and a Chakra healer.

She works with people who need her help. They just take an appointment, walk to her, and talk heart to heart and take her guidance to resolve their life issues. She has a special liking for working with children, from all backgrounds.

Binduu Chopra with Kids | BusinessUniv

In her own words – “ My age is not just a mere number. My life has been full of knowledge, gifts, parties and friends. I see how every year blended into the next and how I have transformed over the years to be where I am today. I continue to grow beautifully on my inside while my wrinkles take care of my outside”.

Her Journey started from the small town of Ambala. Travel from Ambala to Karnal, Faridabad to Hyderabad, Bareilly to Calcutta, Delhi to Kanpur in India & foreign shores of Afghanistan, Oman, Uganda, Singapore, Australia & Tanzania, just to name a few, has been a very enriching experience for her life.

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