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An Itinerary of Success

Success IconsI am a person who knows what he knows and who also knows what he does not know. I try to eradicate obscurity from my life as well as from that of others. Being an altruist, I love to communicate with others and help in every possible way I can. One of my beliefs in life is that, “Learning is a continuous process.” Thus, I do not cease to learn and also when I lose something, I do not lose the lesson.

Success, for me, is all about perception. I observe success in everything I do and every new moment is an achievement in itself. Human Life is the greatest award I ever received.

Holding a B.Tech degree and working with HCL Technologies provided me with an insight of the nuances of the technical world. I also realized that I am more comfortable working with human beings that with machines. I could hear the true calling of my life.Ronnie Screwvala & Anavil : Success Icons

 I had discovered my consummate potential which I began to invest for the welfare of the society.

I analyzed that the personality of an individual plays an instrumental role in achieving the desired goals and success in life and most of the issues in a person’s life are due to a lack of effective personality. Since then, I embarked on a journey comprising of a thorough study of the profound field of personality development and its numerous foredeals.

One of the approaches towards is of Neuro-linguistic programming which helped me immensely.I helped many a student as young as nine years old and also the ones who are in their fifties. Recently, I efficiently trained the Police personnel on Change Management. Thus, the field is fruitful for all and is a must to create an edge over others in today’s competitive world.

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you realize why. I discovered my purpose, it is passion for me now and my tremendous love towards the work is creating zenith of success.

Anavil Jaiswal 


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